How To Get Your Ex Back

The Magic Of Making Up Review

For those of you who have been seeking an effective solution to how to get your ex back, the Magic Of Making Up system, created by highly regarded relationship guru TW Jackson, can help you to mend your relationship regardless of who is to blame for the breakup. It also offers a guide to not just getting back with your ex but how you can maintain a healthy relationship long term.

It may seem as though making up with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend will be impossible but it is all you can think about. You’re not alone if you and your ex are having trouble reaching reconciliation. There’s nothing new about daily obstacles in relationships, but what really matters and what will determine whether you can survive the crisis with your relationship intact is how you deal with these hurdles.

Human nature is not very well understood by most people, so they tend to rely on their instincts in these situations, which can result in long-term problems. The Magic of Making Up does more than simply giving you help to fix the relationship you have now; it will teach you how to avoid the issues that lead to breakups in the future too.

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Getting Focused

When you are emotionally damaged and anxious you are likely to act irrationally, and against your best long term interests. One of the best pointers this system provides comes from the author T. W. Jackson, who explains how you can avoid letting yourself become consumed by anxiety.

Among the initial points the system makes is the importance of staying calm, as well as shutting down communication between you and the ex for a short time while you gather yourself and regroup.

It doesn’t matter whether it was you or your partner who initiated the breakup; strategies are given to help in any relationship situation. It might initially seem counter intuitive to pull away from the relationship entirely, and people tend to rush into saying anything they can think of to mend things. Unfortunately this strategy usually backfires and only makes things worse.

The Clean Slate Method

The power in this method comes from learning the right way to apologize. This method will help you avoid the awkwardness that comes with an unconvincing apology, and give you back some power in the relationship. The ‘no contact’ method is recommended by many experts, and I agree with them, but you could halve the total number of no-contact days by effectively using the Clean Slate Method. The upshot of this is that you can get back with your ex more quickly.

reunited coiupleApologizing like this allows many of the negative feelings you will have associated with the break-up to be cleaned up, as well as providing you with a clear head when reconciling. The whole process is explained clearly by the guide, and you’re told just what to say, when to say it, and how you should express yourself for maximum effect.

More Than Fixing A Breakup

The purpose of this guide is to help people reconcile with partners they are still in love with, but it goes well beyond being a standard “make up with your ex” guide. It will even help those who are in rocky relationships repair the damage that has been caused and avoid having the relationship end in the first place.

A Sensible Approach

When your heart is broken your first instinct may be to try to get back what you have lost. Despite the emotional urgency you are feeling this is not the best move. It is better to take a little time to reflect on what caused your relationship to end, and figure out if you can make the changes necessary to give it new life. It is important to go through this process before reaching out to your ex, as you both need some time to cool off and process the events that took place.

Getting The Program

The program comes as both an audio version and a digital eBook, so you can keep one copy in your car and another on your computer or iPad. This will allow you to focus on saving your relationship and on how you need to go about it. If you let your emotions calm and spend time on reflection, you’ll be able to gain a new perspective on events, which in turn will help you approach your ex with confidence when the time comes. All the advice you’ll need to save your relationship is given here in the Magic of Making Up by T W Jackson.